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    Cloud Connect. Monitor, Act, Save with Dedicated IoT Connectivity from Sensor to Cloud

    KVH has expanded its KVH Watch maritime IoT offering with a new Cloud Connect service, designed to leverage edge computing and cloud-based maritime applications and digital services integrated with shipboard data.

    The new service aims to assist shipping companies in managing data from onboard sensors with a package containing data source definitions, data mappings, and associated dashboards.

    An onboard Cloud Connect Edge Server aggregates and processes data from vessel sensors and provides a containerised, hybrid cloud architecture to enable downsampling, data storage, and data access for analysis, cloud-based data reporting, and dynamic visualisations.

    “The power of Cloud Connect is its ability to turn data into economic benefits for a fleet of vessels,” said Sven Brooks, Senior Director of IoT business development for KVH.

    “With Cloud Connect’s data acquisition, aggregation, and analysis capabilities, connectivity from the sensor level on vessels to analytics in the cloud is poised to change the paradigm at sea.”

    Vessel owners and operators can see operational data in real time, such as noon reports, MRV reports (monitoring, reporting, and verification), or EEXI (energy efficiency existing ship index) compliance, and can examine how each system and ship performs based on chosen key performance indicators.

    Other stakeholders, such as equipment manufacturers, can monitor onboard equipment to support service contracts via data analytic reporting tools and customisable dashboards, while third-party analytics providers can rapidly deploy digital services throughout a fleet using KVH blueprints written to the ISO 19848 standard normalising data channel names for comparisons.

    Cloud Connect links with the existing KVH Watch range of maritime IoT services, supporting on-demand remote expert interventions using video, voice, or text via KVH’s HTS network. The Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) programme is offered for an all-inclusive monthly fee with no equipment purchase or maintenance costs for the Watch terminal, Cloud Connect equipment, or remote expert intervention equipment for the subscription duration.

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    Article author: Rob O'Dwyer

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