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    SATMAR and SnakeWays announce new partnership.

    SATMAR adds SnakeWays to their growing portfolio of world class service offerings.

    Gdynia and Munich, 04 April 2022. SATMAR Satellite Communication & IT Services Company and maritime communications solutions provider SnakeWays GmbH have announced a partnership that combines the cloud based SnakeWays solutions with the quality ship-to-shore connectivity services and support of SATMAR.

    Under the new agreement, SATMAR, headquartered in Gdynia, Poland, will act as a key distribution and service partner of the maritime communications services developed by SnakeWays. Operating out of Reda, close by Gdynia and Gdansk, SATMAR is renowned in the region for providing high quality equipment, components and services in the field of satellite communications, radio-communications, navigation and IT infrastructure. Recognised not only by major shipping companies such as Vroon, VShips, Pacific Basin, STENA Group, MSC and others, SATMAR’s dedication to quality has recently been rewarded by obtaining ISO9001:2015 certification from Det Norske Veritas (DNV).
    “We are delighted to welcome SATMAR into the growing band of SnakeWays distribution and service partners around the globe“, says Peter Schulze, CEO of SnakeWays. “The SATMAR focus on quality is exactly what our end customers are looking for when it comes to service and support of their vital communications “.

    Headquartered in Munich, Germany, SnakeWays have developed a new generation of ship-to-shore communication services using cloud computing technology ashore and smartphone technology on board the vessel. The shipboard SnakeBox hosts a portfolio of independent but synergetic software modules providing simple, efficient, secure yet flexible management of the complex ship to shore communications options available today. These modules include an intelligent firewall, smart routing services where multiple LAN/WAN combinations can operate simultaneously, a remote access toolbox and a highly specialised, cloud based, maritime E-mail service – SnakeMail.  The recently added SnakeCrew module, accessible both on board and through the SnakeCloud portal ashore brings a fresh approach to the management and control of crew communications.
    “The SnakeWays use of modern technology, the way in which they have simplified many of the complexities in providing a reliable yet flexible solution to managing ship-to-shore communications, is impressive” says Grzegorz Pardyka, founder and CEO of SATMAR. “The experience of the SnakeWays team shows in the design and implementation of the portfolio of services. We see the SnakeWays services as a key addition to our own portfolio, perfectly matched to the latest offerings from Iridium, KVH and Inmarsat but also future proofed for the newer satellite services that may be just around the corner”

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