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    In everything we do, we belive that makes our world and information more reachable than ever before...

    Maritime navigation
    Maritime navigation

    Who we are...

    SATMAR Satellite Communication & IT Services Company had been created and is run by passionate people, for which the customer's needs and demands are always in the first place. Every day we face diverse challenges, which bring us incredible satisfaction and desire for further development. We are a teal organisation. Our advantages come from high quality, flexibility, and "out of the box" approach to the task posed before us by our customers.

    We do solve the problems - instead to multiply them.
    Maritime navigation

    What we do...

    SATMAR brings connectivity onboard. Since 2012 we provide services that truly meet the needs and demands of our clients. We are "buyer centric" - focusing on help and support in the process of purchasing right solutions that you really need to run for your own and undisturbed business activities.  Where others see troubles - we see opportunities. In everything we do, ease of access to information matters. We believe our world and information are more reachable than ever before. We do this by supporting you and your growth, by bringing connectivity on board and improving it when needed. Which simply makes you always available to your business, family and friends.

    You just STAY CONNECTED. Anywhere. Anytime.
    Satellite Communication

    What we can...

    When looking for an advanced and specifically customised solution - just as you need it - You've come to the right place! - SATMAR offers not only a wide range of products and services based on TCP/IP protocols. We also provide field services for product setup, commissioning or service integration, followed by configuration of devices and services. This meets the highest standards of the most demanding customers. 

    Well done is always better than well said! Try us!

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