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    SATMAR offers the highest quality equipment and components in the field of satellite communications, radio-communications, navigation and IT infrastructure. All products come from world-class manufacturers, which are proudly represented by us on the market. We offer a wide range of solutions connected with "out of the box" services: technical assistance, after sales technical support, product airtime, crew welfare services and full on-site training in how to work with delivered equipment.
    Years of experience in servicing, logistics and installations on hundredths ship classes in dozens of ports around the world enable us to provide unmatched and uncommon solutions like:

    Connectivity as a Service. 
    Global or Regional service with All-inclusive. No Commitment. Worldwide and Regional Maritime Communications Made Simple. AgilePlans® by KVH offers everything your fleet needs for better business at sea – the No. 1 maritime VSAT service, award-winning VSAT terminals, free shipping and installation, zero maintenance costs, and more with no CAPEX and a single monthly subscription.
    IoT Connectivity as a Service
    KVH Watch: All-inclusive, No Commitment, No Maintenance Costs. From now on any Equipment manufacturer can support their products worldwide with secure IoT connectivity for remote monitoring and real-time intervention. One low monthly fee, no CAPEX, and fully compatible with their IoT platform of choice. 24/7/365 machine-to-machine data delivery service with On-demand, high-speed sessions when you need it.
    CREW Welfare / VOD Content 
    KVH Link is the ultimate digital news & entertainment experience for crew wellbeing and leading operations data for vessel optimization. KVH Link brings seafarers treasured connections to home, easily and affordably, through daily news updates, favorite movies, TV, music, and the thrill of sports. It also delivers vital operations data to your fleet and custom corporate content to your crews so they can operate safely and efficiently. All of this great content for crew wellbeing and critical operations is delivered by KVH's patented, revolutionary, content delivery service, IP-MobileCast.™
    Unlimited VSAT Streaming service
    KVH Elite: Dedicated VSAT service with prioritized bandwidth for HD-quality streaming for yachts and charters. Now available in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Enjoy the Superior Onboard Internet Experience You and Your Guests Deserve. Now you have the freedom to stream the HD-quality entertainment you want, whenever you want, and watch it anywhere onboard. It's the perfect solution for the most sophisticated yachts and charters thanks to prioritized bandwidth with no overages or usage limits.
    Network, data & information management service. 
    AST’s INTEGRA is a complete solution that delivers the first real-time application control for your satellite communications and the easiest on-board traffic management. Trying to manage your satellite communications traffic has become increasingly difficult, particularly in today’s bring-your-own-device world. It’s not always possible to detect which devices are connecting to the satellite network, which applications they’re running, how much data they’re consuming and how frequently they are being updated. Existing traffic management solutions for satellite communications struggle to handle these challenges.
    Remote asset tracking, monitoring & control service. 
    AST’s IRIS is an award-winning, cost-efficient remote monitoring and control application for IoT over satellite, enabling users to unlock the true potential of IoT and M2M.  The application is versatile and customisable and is suitable for a wide range of uses from, remote pressure and sensor monitoring to animal and personnel tracking. Increase your operational efficiency by significantly reducing the need for site visits to locations that are often difficult and time-consuming to reach.
    Telemetry management
    AST’s iRAMS ground-breaking proven telemetry and asset management solutions provide digital and analogue control systems for both land and maritime markets. 
    From vessel management to outboard motors, generators and control and monitoring of solar-powered obstruction lighting skids we can tailor our iRAMS suite of solutions to fit your requirements. The on-board hardware connects to your vessels most expensive component (the engines) and transmits the data in near real time to a simple to user web interface.
    Vessel tracking
    AST’s iVMS Offering a range of monitoring solutions specifically designed for small scale or inshore fisheries, and mobile assets in harsh environments, utilising inexpensive cellular networks. Inshore vessel monitoring systems
    iVMS (inshore vessel monitoring system) is a generic term for a VMS vessel tracking and monitoring solution using inexpensive cellular 3G/GSM/GPRS networks rather than global satellite.
    Inshore vessel monitoring systems (iVMS) are typically used to monitor artisanal or smaller fishing vessels under 12 meters working closer inshore for the sustainable management of MPA (Marine Protected Areas), closed areas and inshore fisheries.
    Integrated Communication Solutions
    Unify satellite, IP, radio and Wi-Fi networks and devices to ease the challenges of communicating across disparate networks and devices.When working with partners you may find not everyone is on the same wavelength! This solution can help you address this situation with our range of solutions that enable linked communication across satellite, IP, radio and Wi-Fi networks to neutralise the challenges of communicating across disparate networks and devices.
    ​CCS (Complex Communications Solutions) – tell us what your communications challenge is and we’ll provide a cost-effective solution to address it.
    PTT (Push-to-talk) - Global, fully mobile push-to-talk system that enables fast and simple group communications at the push of a button, anywhere on earth.
    ICSA (Integrated Communications and Situational Awareness) addresses the challenges of combining data, messaging and communications over disparate individual radio and communications networks.
    Yacht Router
    Not just a simple Internet gateway. Yacht Router is a network solution designed for vessels featuring industry level of reliability, performance and unprecedented level of security. Depending on a Yacht Router model and Add-on modules it can be installed on a small vessel or mega yacht. It is not just a simple Internet gateway. It is complete network infrastructure solution that will replace complex network systems with simple to install devices using minimum cabling.
    Ship Router
    Ship Router device will help you to easily setup and control Internet connections on your vessel. It is a system with industry level of reliability, performance and unprecedented level of security. It is not just a simple Internet gateway. This solution is complete network infrastructure solution as it will replace complex network cabling with multiple routers, switches and access points. 
    Anti Piracy
    Universal standard in Anti-Piracy solutions. ASE Citadel system easily outfits the vessel that have remote query and configuration for positioning, system "health". ASE Citadel provides a Voice backup service for the Captain or crew if other systems go down. In addition, Backup Power Supplies can operate the terminal for more than full three days (72 hours+) exceeding IMO Best Practices for Satellite Voice communication for safe rooms (citadel).

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