Satellite Communication

    In everything we do, we belive that makes our world and information more reachable than ever before...

    Maritime navigation
    Maritime navigation



    Outfitting you with highest quality equipment is only the first step - staying connected to a satellite network is crucial to keeping your daily operations possible, so we also provide airtime services to ensure you stay connected anywhere, anytime.

    Comprehensive service and "out of the box" approach creates value added services on top. Saves your time, money, efforts and gives you a peace of mind.
    Years of experience in servicing, logistics and installations on hundredths ship classes in dozens of ports around the world enable us to provide unmatched and uncommon solutions like:

    • Connectivity as a Service.  No CAPEX
    • IoT Connectivity as a Service
    • CREW Welfare / VOD Content 
    • Unlimited VSAT Streaming service
    • Network, data & information management service. 
    • Remote asset tracking, monitoring & control service. 
    • Telemetry management
    • Vessel tracking
    • Integrated Communication Solutions
    • Multiple gateways environment
    • Offshore to Shore network access right management 
    • Anti Piracy

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