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    SATMAR Satellite Communication & IT Services Company had been established in 2012 and is being run by people with vision and passion, for which the customer's needs and demands are always in first place.
    Our vision is simple: Stay connected. Anywhere. Anytime.
    Our mission is to provide a connectivity as a service to you that will make you always available in today’s digital world; to your family, friends and business.
    SATMAR offers the highest quality equipment, components and services in the field of satellite communications, radio-communications, navigation and IT infrastructure for maritime and land markets. All products come from world-class manufacturers, which we proudly represent. We also offer a wide range of complete solutions connected with "out of the box" services; technical assistance, remote support, after and post sales help, product airtime, crew welfare and training in how to use the delivered system.
    Wether you are looking for an advanced or specifically custom-made solutions  - you've had come to the right place! - SATMAR offers not only a wide range of products and services based on TCP/IP protocols. We also provide product or service integration, followed by configuration of devices and services. We build solutions that meet the highest standards of the most demanding customers.

    Our highly skilled and experienced team provides top-level, hands-on technical support and field service for all products offered. Just to mention, SATMAR Company holds a distingueshed title of KVH's Certified Support Network Partner, with the highest “Tier-3 Master Technician Certification Level". We are one of the  most highly trained and well-equipped KVH’s dealers/distributors available in the world. As professionals within digital world, we treat your needs as an essential and always strive for providing unmatched service & support for you to help you achieve your goals and targets in best, cost effective way. We are fully equipped with the parts and tools necessary to carry out comprehensive services and repairs in the field or in our workshop. We are recognised technical partner by many of the biggest shipping companies in the world like: Vroon, B&W, Van Oord, VShips, Pacific Basin, Navigator Gas, STENA Group, MTM, E.R.Schiffahrt, MSC and many others.

    To keep the highest industry standards, we are certified marine field engineers through manufacturer’s regular product trainings and evaluation seminars to ensure that we deserve your trust and that we meet all quality and performance demands of the market. We know the "best practices" standards and we obey them.
    SATMAR provides:
    •    great quality of service,
    •    state-of-art products,
    •    flexibility,
    •    availability on demand at short notice - just when needed,
    •    professional attitude and dedication aimed at your goals.

    Our advantages comes from our "out of the box" approach to the tasks posed before us by our clients and partners. As our partner, your objective is our priority and we feel responsible to make sure that you can rely on our services and your equipment at all times.


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