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    - Looking for a local market's representatives (Dealer / Resseller)?
    - Your service network has a gap?
    - Are you missing engineer power?
    - Are you pressed for time?
    - Is your local partner temporarily unavailable due to his own commitments?
    - Do you need to find a cost effective solution quickly to finish your project?
    - Project deadline is upon you?
    - Need a 3rdparty to stand in ?
    Well – we are here! Ready to cooperate and support you!
    All we need are basic answers to:  
    What? Where? When? 
    This will allow us to define necessary resources and build a proposal for your company that will help you solve problems quickly and in cost-effective way.
    What we can offer?
    • Proffessional approach with loyality and dedication to the case.
    • Non-competition clause (we respect your business and your customers).
    • Attractive - discounted rates of labour (bulk services).
    • Lumpsum overall quotes.
    • Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA).
    • Highest priority.
    • Stand-by service.
    • Designated manpower and resources.
    • Negotiable terms and conditions (payments, sales etc.).

    Refference letters:

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    Letter of refference - THOME Ship Management Ltd.

    Letter of refference - AST Marine Networks

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