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    Intellian's World's First Convertible 1.25 Meter Ku- Ka- VSAT System


    Intellian reports the release of latest model in its new NX Series, v130NX, described as the world’s first Ku-Ka convertible VSAT terminal with a 1.25-meter reflector that makes it an ideal platform for high-speed global internet on ships, offshore vessels, and superyachts. 

    The v130NX is a flexible system supporting Ku-band and Ka-band (2.5 GHz Wide) networks and is also compatible with GEO (Geostationary Earth Orbit), MEO (Medium Earth Orbit) and LEO (Low Earth Orbit) constellations. Like all of the NX Series antennas, the v130NX is easily converted from Ku-band to Ka-band by changing the Radio Frequency (RF) Assembly and Feed, as the reflector and radome are already optimized for operation across both frequency bands. 

    The v130NX features an efficient design and high-power BUC options up to 40 W, that provides the power to deliver the highest RF performance of any 1.25-meter system. Its smart satellite handover capability (enabled by an integral mediator and orbit-agnostic tracking proficiency) provides a seamless network service on practically any satellite fulfilling the need for resilience, reliability, and redundancy while maximizing the long-term value of the investment by reducing the cost of migrating to future GEO High Throughput Satellites (HTS) and low-latency MEO and LEO networks. 

    The v130NX is easy to install, commission, and manage using a single cable, that combines Tx, Rx, and DC power, to simplify installation. The new AptusNX interface enables the antenna to connect to any network in a matter of minutes and provides remote access for ease of operation and maintenance. The NX Series' modular design results in lower cost of ownership throughout the entire lifecycle, improves reliability and can speed up maintenance and lower costs further with a 40 percent reduction in spare parts needed. 

    Intellian is also launching a new matching dome concept at METSTRADE 2019, Booth 1.140, in Amsterdam this week in which yachts with NX Series antennas of any size can now fit the exact same dome to their Intellian satellite TV antennas, thereby ensuring aesthetic symmetry is achieved regardless of the Intellian antennas chosen for entertainment and operations.

    Eric Sung, CEO of Intellian added that with lower total cost of ownership and incredible performance, the v130NX offers the quality and reliability that their customers demand for better crew and guest connectivity, as well as digital vessel operations and fleet management. With the addition of their new NX Series matching radomes concept, they are also giving their superyacht customers a little something extra — the ability to meet both the style and performance criteria unique to the luxury sector with the v130NX and the entire NX Series.


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